August was a big transition month. We had lots of children leaving for school and new children starting, as well as current children settling in to their new room. We want to welcome all new children and families who has joined Zeeba and who will be joining this month.


A big happy birthday to all our friends and Ms Tegan (21st) who celebrate their birthdays this month. Zeeba also celebrates 8 years since opening!


Please find attached our calendar for the next term (4 September – 22 December).

For September, we have the following coming up:

1st – Happy Eid al-Adha!

8th – International Literacy Day: Read your child’s favourite story to them or visit the library. Please take a photo and upload it to Tapestry with a short comment. Please ask a member of the management to support you if you need help.

18th September – 23rd October – Autumn Next Steps 1: look out for your Tapestry observations

22nd- Walk to Zeeba day: We want to encourage everyone to walk (or cycle) to Nursery today.


Congratulations to Ms Rabi who has been at Zeeba for 2 years, and Ms Izette who has been at Zeeba for 8 years.

Ms Karen will be on maternity leave from Monday 4 September. We wish her all the best before the birth of their baby boy.

With sadness, we say goodbye to Ms Maz whose last day is 6 September. She will continue her full-time studies at University. Ms Ana’s last day will be 22 September. We wish both practitioners all the best for their futures!

We also welcome back Ms Tabassum who will join us from 4 September in the Jolly Giraffes room and Ms Nazneen who will return from her maternity leave on 25 September as the room leader of the Mighty Monkey room.

Staff Holidays

The following staff will be on holiday during September:

Ms Reyhana: 31 August – 11 September

Ms Demi: 19 – 21 September

Ms Rhia: 27 – 9 October

Ms Tegan: 29 September – 9 October


Early mornings (07:30) or late pickups (18:30) need to be booked with myself or Ms Tegan only (

If your child will not be at Nursery due to holiday or an illness, please let us know as soon as reasonably possible (email or phone).

Parent Questionnaires will be send out during October 2017.

Please find attached our CCTV policy.


If you have any of the following items at home that you are not using anymore, please donate them to us:

  • Baby clothes (sizes: tiny baby or new born)
  • Musical instruments (real or toys)
  • Old phones (mobiles or home phones)
  • Large tins
  • Books or CD’s in different languages
  • Pieces of material with prints, patterns etc.
  • From Accounts

    Just a reminder to please use your child's name and surname with any payments (BACS or voucher payments). A lot of payments that we receive has the parent’s name (that might not match the child’s surname) or siblings that previously attended Zeeba as references. You are also required to make separate payments for siblings with the correct reference. From September payments will be allocated to the account of the child whose name appear with the payment. Any account related queries can be send to Jeanine at

    As always, if you have any queries or feedback about the above, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Ms Tegan.

    Have a great month!

    Kind Regards

    Ms Izette & the Outstanding Zeeba team

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