Happy birthday to all children and teachers who are celebrating their birthdays this month. We hope you have a very special day!

Calendar of Events

Please find attached our Calendar of Events for Summer term. We will share more information closer to the time regarding each of the events.

Events for the Month

7th: Bank Holiday (Zeeba will be closed)

18th: Royal Wedding (19th of May) – dress up in your favourite London outfit. We will be looking at the Royal family, famous London landmarks and buildings etc.

21st – 26th: Walk to Nursery week

28th: Bank Holiday (Zeeba will be closed)


We started using ParentMail and you should have received your registration email or text. We will use ParentMail as a more secure way to send emails, ask for permissions and for other updates. You can also download the app for easy access. If you did not receive the link, please let me know and I will resend it to you.

On ParentMail you can also use the “Absence” tool to inform us that your child will not be attending Nursery. We welcome any feedback regarding the use of ParentMail.


We are still experiencing some problems with large buggies at Nursery. Our storage is very limited – please make use of smaller strollers that can be folded up and stored properly in the designated area. The entrance is one of our fire exits to use in case of an evacuation. Buggies standing around is a Health and Safety hazard.

Safety of Children

It’s been brought to our attention that on occasion, families have seen syringes / drug paraphernalia on Seagry Road, which is the road behind Zeeba. If you do notice any suspicious activity, please call 101 to report it, or inform Management so we can report it. Please take care when you walk with your children and keep an eye out for any unwanted items.

Parking on the Driveway

Just a reminder to please take other drivers into consideration when parking to drop off or pick up your child.


As most of you know, there are a lot of changes coming into place with GDPR regarding Data Protection. We are currently reviewing our policies and procedures and will share information with you soon. Please also bear with us, as we will need to collect and share a lot of information in the coming month. Your cooperation with this is much appreciated.

One of the first forms that we will require, is to opt in to receive Nursery information by email, telephone and other communication platforms. The consent form will be send out via ParentMail.

Weather Changes

The weather is becoming slightly warmer and we will be spending more time outside again. We will supply Nursery sun cream to use for the children. We will first ask for permission to apply the sun cream and for children to be able to play outside bare foot. Please ensure that you bring in a sun hat to be used during warmer weather. You will also need to bring in sun cream, should you wish to provide your own.

Going to School

If your child is starting school (Reception) in September, please remember to inform us which school they will attend. We will be sharing transition documents with you during the term and will also need to liaise with schools regarding transition.

If you are considering for your child to start school Nursery in September, please also let us know as this will support us with our forecasting of available spaces in September.

Please remember that you need to give 1 months’ notice for leaving dates.

Kind Regards,

Ms Izette & the Zeeba team

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