Happy birthday to all our friends and teacher celebrating their birthdays during July:

•3rd – Ms Anna
•4th – Hazel
•9th – Ella
•19th - Jemima
•20th – Idris Ahmed
•23rd – Ms Demi
•28th – Ms Lindsey


•6th – Sports day. We had loads of fun, thank you to everyone who joined us!

•19th – It is a time of mixed emotions! Our Laughing Lions class will be having their Graduation Day on Wednesday 19th July. More information will be shared with parents soon.

•31st – International friendship day


Congratulations to the following staff: Ms Shaima is celebrating 1 year at Zeeba and Ms Sumbal who is celebrating 5 years at Zeeba.

Welcome to the new staff joining our Zeeba Team! Ms Shannon will be joining the Jolly Giraffes and Ms Rashida is currently working in Laughing Lions and will be doing part time depending on her days at university.

The following staff will be on holiday during July:

•Ms. Ana: 10 – 21 July
•Ms Sonia: 10 – 18 July
•Ms Maryam: 13 – 21 July
•Ms Anna: 18 – 28 July
•Ms Maz: 21 – 28 July

Congratulations to Ms Karen who will have a baby in September! She will be on maternity leave from 4 September.


A friendly reminder for all children’s toys to be left at home to prevent them from being misplaced at Nursery. If your child becomes strongly attached to a nursery toy, please do not take it home at the end of the day, even if you plan to bring it back.


Please ensure all of your child’s clothing is labelled with their name. Many of the children wear similar clothing items and, as a result of children being changed more regularly due to water and messy play, they often become mixed up.

Contact Details

Should any of your details change please contact management with the new information. This includes address, all contact numbers, emails, etc.


We are busy redoing our outdoor play areas and are looking for any old household equipment or materials not being used at home. This could be anything that could be used outside in the garden- pots, pans, buckets, cooking utensils, etc.


We encourage parents to upload their own videos and pictures of their child’s learning and experiences at home. If you need any help or support, please speak to management. Thank you for all the comments and observations added!

Policy Reminders

•Collection of children by others

Should your child be picked up from nursery by someone other than yourself please ensure Management is informed of the person collecting and the password given to the person, and that the person collecting has the password and some form of photo identification with them.


Prescribed medication can only be administered to children at Nursery, if it has already been taken for 24 hours previously at home. The prescription must be visible on the medication bottle with the child’s name and dosage. For a prescription of 3 dosages, only 1 can be administered at nursery. For 4 dosages, a maximum of 2 can be administered.

•Sickness and Diarrhoea

In cases of vomiting and diarrhoea, we have an exclusion policy for 48 hours after the last occasion.

•Dietary and Allergy

Parents are to provide a letter from their GP and meet with management to complete a Health Care plan for their child’s dietary requirements. All dietary requirements need to be send to Management in writing.

•Accident at Home

Where an accident has occurred at home, please ensure an Accident at Home form has been completed in the morning before leaving the nursery.

Kind Regards

Ms. Izette & the Zeeba team

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