December Birthdays!

Happy birthday to all our children and staff celebrating their birthdays this month!

Ms Yasmin – 3rd

Ms Rehnuma – 7th

Ms Izette – 10th

Ms Rachel – 26th

Events for the month:

8th December – Zeeba Christmas Fair

18th December – Parents Evening for Mighty and Marvellous Monkeys

19th December – Parents Evening for Jolly Giraffes and Laughing Lions

22nd December – Last day before Christmas Break

25th - 1st January – Zeeba Closed

2nd January – Zeeba Open


Congratulations to Ms Toni, who has been with us for one year!

We have a few new faces around Zeeba. Welcome to Ms Imani, Ms Fiona, Ms Rachel, Ms Rehnuma and Ms Simran.

Ms Rachel will be in the Mighty Monkeys room, Ms Simran has returned to Zeeba and will be in the Marvellous Monkeys room. Ms Imani will be in the Jolly Giraffes room, and Ms Rehnuma will be supporting the Nursery with cover.

Ms Fiona is our new Nursery Chef.

Christmas Fair:

We are looking forward to our Christmas Fair on Friday 8th December from 15:00 – 17:30. There will be Christmas activities for you to participate and enjoy with your child, hot drinks, Christmas treats, Santa’s grotto and of course Santa! Please remember to confirm your family’s attendance with your child if you have not already done so.

Parent Evening:

Our parents evening will be held on the 18th and 19th December from 17:30. Should you wish to book an appointment to speak to your child’s key person. Timeslots will be available to book the week beginning 11th December. These meetings are not compulsory, but are made available should you wish to discuss any concerns or questions you have about your child’s development.

Mighty and Marvellous Monkeys:

•Monday, 18 December from 17:30

Jolly Giraffes and Laughing Lions

Tuesday, 19 December from 17:30

Christmas Holidays:

Zeeba will be close on Friday 22nd December at 6pm for the Christmas break. We will open again on Tuesday, 2nd January as per normal. Please let us know of any holidays or time off your child may be taking during this time to support us with staff planning and staff holidays.

Progress Review:

A progress review of your child’s learning and development will be uploaded to Tapestry by Friday 15th December.

Zeeba Christmas Lunch:

Our nursery will be having a Christmas Lunch with the children on Wednesday 20th December. Instead of the usual menu, children will enjoy a roast dinner with a special dessert.

Activ8 Fitness Camp – Get your Superhero Active:

Our Jolly Giraffes and Laughing Lions have been participating in Activ8 Fitness Camp sessions on a Friday afternoon. They focuses on providing a fun fitness program that incorporates developing a child’s mental health and well-being. These sessions will be provided by the nursery for those attending Fridays from 2 - 4pm. Special afternoons will be provided for parents to come in and join the fitness sessions with their children, and also learn about what they can do to support their child’s health and well-being.

The sessions are offered by Ben Green, founder of Activ8 Fitness Camp

( and has been a great hit with the children!


With the weather becoming colder, please ensure your child has suitable clothing including a warm coat, scarf, hat, etc. for their play time outdoors. These are to be labelled with the child’s name and surname.

Collection of Children:

Please tell us if anyone else is collecting your child. We would request that you email/ phone us the day before to inform us that your child will be picked up by someone else. Please give the adult’s name and surname and provide us with a password e.g. “red balloons”. When the other adult collects the child, they need to have photo ID with them and they need to give us the correct password. If they fail to do so we will not release the child into their care.

Kind Regards,

Ms Izette & the Zeeba team

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