Dear Parents and Carers,

We welcome all our new children and families who have recently joined us at Royal Arsenal.

Thank you to parents who are recommending us to friends and family this is very much appreciated.

School Leavers:

We do wish all our school leavers all the very best in their new school. Such exciting times! We are proud to say they are all so ready for school and will enjoy it.


We do the transition of children into the next room throughout the year as and when we feel they need the to be challenged more to reach their next milestones.

Transition period into the next room is individually tailored to suit each child. We start by introducing them to the room for an hour or so and build this up during the week. We do also send over a familiar member of staff with the children and quite often they will move to that room with the children. Some children may only need a week, other less or some need at least 2 weeks.

We work in partnership with parents by asking you to fill in a transition form and to provide us with information that will support your child and the staff in the next room.

As we have many school leavers leaving over the next few weeks, there will be space for more children to transition. We will be able to transition all children who are ready to be moved to reach the next stage of their development.

Key person’s will talk to individual parents regarding transitions but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to email the office -

Security of Children:

Please can we ask that parents close the doors / gates when entering and leaving the building

especially the over 2’s side, even if other parents are coming in behind you.

Healthily Eating:

We would like to request that you do not bring in cake when it is your child’s birthday, or when they are leaving Zeeba. We will continue to celebrate each child’s birthday by singing and making them feel special on their special day.

We are supporting healthy eating and Nursery and would rather celebrate special days and events with healthy snacks and fruit.

Parent update on outdoor space:

Planning for the canopies is still with the planning department and will go ahead as soon as we get the all clear.

Several parents have queried why we have put up a wooden fence in the outdoor area. This is just to keep the children out from the uncovered areas. This is only temporary and has been changed due to Health and Safety reasons.


We are only able to accommodate lightweight fold up buggies at the nursery. Please ensure that buggies are left only in the green wooden boxes and not outside them or on top of other buggies.

Please note: These entrances are also our FIRE EXITS.


We will have a few new staff joiing our Zeeba team over the next month.

We welcome the following staff to our team:

Miss Louisa - Early Years Practitioner

Miss Hoden – Deputy Room leader - Dolphins

Miss Hayley – Early years Practitioner

Miss Margaret – Early years Practitioner and Senco

Miss Frankie - Assistant Early Years Practitioner

Miss Danielle – Admin Assistant

We do have a robust recruitment procedure to ensure that only staff who are qualified, experienced and passionate about the development of children are considered for the post.

Fees and Payments:

As parents have been notified, there will be a fee increase as from 1st September 17

Children aged under 2 - £60 per full day and £50 for half day

Children over 2 - £57 per full day and £40 for half day.

Children’s 2nd Birthday:

Please note that the fees will not change on the date of your child’s birthday, but will be adjusted the month after your child has turned 2.


Please remember to put your child’s full name on all payments and queries.

Also, please ensure that separate payments, with the correct reference are made for siblings as they do have individual accounts.

Policies and Procedures:

All our policies are on the website so ensure you have read them and please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any queries.

Extra days and Sessions:

Please note: we do need at least a week’s notice if you require extra days or sessions for your child. We are full in most rooms, so it may be difficult to arrange extra days/sessions at short notice.

Holidays, Absences and Sickness:

Just a reminder to call the nursery before 10am to let us know if your child will not be attending due to sickness, outings or if they will be coming in later normal. This will enable us to save lunch/snack etc for your child, knowing that they will be in later.

You can call us on 0203 247 4770 or email at

Kind Regards

Ms Satvinder and the Zeeba team

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