Happy New Year!

Dates for your Diary:

Parents evenings to discuss your child’s progress or development;

Dancing & Dizzy Dolphins room: week of the 19th February - 4pm till 7pm

Pandas room: Week beginning 26th February - 4pm to 7pm

Laughing/ Learning Lions: week beginning 5th March - 4 pm to 7pm

Parent Forum: Will be held on Thursday 15th March @ 6.30pm


We transition children to the next group/ room throughout the year. Each child is assessed individually, we look at their age, ability, development and next steps. We look to see if they are physically, socially and emotionally ready for the challenge.

We ask for parent’s advice/ views, as well as ask you to fill in the transition forms and assist with the transition.

This can be an emotional time for children as the rooms are all very different and moving is a big change. Therefore, we do try and move small groups of children along with a member of staff to allow children time to settle in to the new room, so this can take at least one or two weeks.

Your child’s key person will talk to you when we feel that your child may be ready for the transition in to the next room.

Head lice:

We have had a few cases of head lice in the nursery in our 2-5’s area. We ask parents just to be aware and check their children regularly as these can spread very quickly. Children can return to nursery once they have been treated.

Outdoor Play area:

A couple of the canopies were damaged in the heavy rain and strong winds last month. These have been replaced and children are using the outdoor area daily. Planning permission is going ahead, and the structure is being made so we are hoping the work will start in the next few months. I will keep you informed. I can only apologize for the delay in the permanent structure being put up, it is just taking a little longer than we expected as a few parties are involved in the process.

Healthy Eating/ Birthday Cake:

Thank you for working with us. We have had lot of fruit and healthy shakes. We will continue celebrating each child’s birthday and make them feel special, but without birthday cake. We are really encouraging children to be healthy eaters.


Please note our entrances are also our FIRE EXITS.

We fully understand that children want to ride their bikes and scooters to Nursery, but we do not have the space to store them during the day.


We are continuing to recruit and will have a few new staff joining us over the next few months.

We do have a robust recruitment procedure to ensure that only staff who are qualified, experienced and passionate about the development of children are considered for the post.

We welcome to our team:

Miss Emma (M) to Pandas Room

Miss Jodi – will be joining us Mid-January

30 Hours additional funding:

Please note that parents are required to check and re-verify their eligibility codes every 3 months. Parents who are getting codes now for April will need to recheck these before funding can be given.


Please remember to put your child’s full name on all payments and queries. Also, please ensure that separate payments are made for siblings as they do have individual accounts.

Extra days & Sessions:

Please note: we do need at least a weeks’ notice if you require extra days or sessions for your child. We are full in most rooms now, so it is difficult to arrange extra days/sessions at short notice.

We also need at least a week’s notice for early drop offs and late pick-ups to ensure that we have enough staff on the premises and rotas are done in advance.

Holidays, Absences and Sickness:

Just a reminder to call the nursery before 10 am to let us know if your child will not be attending due to sickness, outings or if they will be coming in later normal. This will enable us to save lunch/snack etc for your child, knowing that they will be in later.

You can call us on 0203 247 4770 or email at

Kind Regards

Ms Satvinder and the Zeeba team

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