Dear Parents and Carers,

We welcome all our new children and families who have joined us at our new Nursery at Royal Arsenal. We are continuing to settle in new children each week throughout the Nursery. Thank you to parents who are recommending us to friends and family this is very much appreciated.

Sporty Minis

Sporty Minis staff are running sessions at our Nursery every Tuesday morning. It is 30 minutes of fundamental movement skills sessions: Teaching your child the ACB’s of physical development.

Please do look at their website:

Currently, they are offering free taster sessions for your children to try out before you buy the sessions for the term.

You will need to contact Sporty Minis direct to arrange the sessions and to make the payment.

Healthy Eating

We are continually working to keep our children healthy by providing nutritional healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. We are concerned that so many cakes are being brought to the Nursery to be given out to the children. Due to the number of children in the Nursery, this mean that we have cake almost every day. To promote and support our healthy eating policy, we would like to request that parents bring in fruit, rather than cakes for the children to enjoy.

We will of course sing Happy Birthday to your child and ensure they enjoy their special day.

Parents Forum

Next parent’s forum will be held on Thursday 27th April @ 18:30.

2-year Development Checks: Please speak to your child’s key person to arrange a short meeting to talk about the development checks we are carrying out with all 2 year old children.

Red Nose Day

Thank you so much for supporting us to raise money for Red Nose Day!

We had many fun activities happening at Nursery. Our pre-school children did a sponsored fun run in Wellington park and the babies and toddlers did a sponsored obstacle course in the outside play area.

All had great fun while raising money for charity. On the day, we raised over £400 and we are still waiting for sponsor money to come. We will let you know our grand total once all the money is in. We are so proud of all the children, staff and parents who took part in our fundraising.


We welcome Ms Henrietta to the Zeeba team. She will be joining the Dolphins room.

Buggies and Scooters

We understand that children want to ride their bikes and scooters to Nursery. Having too many bikes, trikes and scooters in the reception area is becoming a Health and Safety issue. Due to the number of buggies we have in the reception area, storage is becoming a real issue. We had some complaints from parents as buggies left first, have been damaged by other being put on top.

Zeeba Nursery cannot be held responsible for any buggies, bike or scooters being damaged while they are stored at the Nursery.

Therefore, please respect the property of others and be aware of how you place your items.

Only lightweight fold up buggies can be left at the Nursery.

Please also note: Our entrances are our FIRE EXITS and in the event of a fire or a fire drill, we need to get all the children through those doors as quickly as possible.

Fees and Payments

Our reviewed fees are effective from 1st April 2017. Fee increase letters have been handed out to parents or emailed.

The new fees are as follow:

Children aged under two:

£57 per full

£47 per half day

Children aged over two:

£55 per full day

£40 per half day

Children’s 2nd birthday- please note that the fees will not change on the date of your child’s birthday, but are adjusted the month after your child has turned 2 years of age.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are available on the website so ensure you have read them and please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any queries.

Booking of extra days and sessions

Please note: we do need at least a week’s notice if you require extra days or sessions for your child. We are full in most rooms now so it is difficult to arrange extra days/ sessions on short notice.

Holidays, Absences, and Sickness:

Please remember to call the Nursery before 10 am to let us know if your child will not be attending due to sickness, outings or if they will be coming in later normal. This will enable us to save lunch/ snack etc. for your child if needed. Our Nursery number is 0203 247 4770.

Kind Regards

Ms Satvinder and the Zeeba team

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