Theme of the month: On the Farm

It is a busy time of year to be on a farm. A lot of baby animals are making their appearance and harvesting of vegetables can turn in to a lot of scarecrow fun. We will be exploring some farm animals in our small world areas and making use of a variety of vegetables in our continuous provision.

Tapestry Request:

We had great feedback from parents about Tapestry and would like to support you even more to be confident users yourself. As a parent you take a lot of photos of your child, but aren’t sure what would be beneficial for Tapestry. I will use the Newsletter to request some photos based on learning experiences.

Could we therefore have your support in recording and uploading any photos or videos of your little one mark making at home? All ages of children love mark making whether this is by running their fingers through wet sand or mark making with paint. Encouraging mark making will give children the foundations that will help them later on when it comes to early literacy skills.

Professional Photos:

I think I speak for all parents when I say the photos are great! We are very impressed by the professional finish and look forward to another opportunity like this next year.

Ordering prints have now closed. Thank you again to our wonderful photographer and daddy taking the time to support us with this project.

Staff on Holiday:

The following teachers will be enjoying a summer holiday during October so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room:

Ms Suna 6-13 October

Ms Agnes 11-17 October

Ms Seema 18-31 October

Ms Maria 18-19 October

Ms Mensure 23-31 October

Ms Motria 26-31October

We welcome Ms Kelly, due to start in October. We hope that she will settle in and feel very welcome here.

Catch it, Bin it Campaign:

Once flu is spreading widely, apart from vaccination, hygiene is the only method that can help prevent the spread. Please make use of the tissues and hand sanitisers available at Zeeba.

To reduce the spread of flu we urge people to wash their hands regularly and to make sure we always ‘Catch It. Bin It. Kill It’ when we cough or sneeze.


Mrs. Lehanie and the team!

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