Theme of the month: Community Helpers

In every community there are helpers. People cleaning windows, streets and emptying bins. Helpers bringing you the coffee you order and cleaning your table when you leave the restaurant. Helpers when you’re sick, scared and need to report a crime, just to mention a few. Our community has super selfless helpers too, helping those in need of food, shelter or even a few coins. So as we look around our own community this holiday season, right in front of our door step, lets teach our children and model to them, how they can do their bit to help…

Tapestry Request:

We had great feedback from parents about Tapestry and would like to support you even more to be confident users yourself.

For the month ahead can we ask for you to observe your child’s abilities with regards to literacy? Children do not arrive in the world understanding language. It is a skill they must develop over time. However, they do arrive primed to tune in to human voices and the units that make up any of the world’s languages, including sign languages. Babies will understand language (receptive language; comprehension) before producing language themselves (productive language; language output) Continue to support your child’s language development with engaging interactions, playful reading sessions, and ad-hoc language games (peekaboo, animal noises; head-shoulders-knees and toe’ songs making them think about body parts.

We look forward to your photos and video’s!

Little Musicians:

A new set of sessions will start on Thursday the 2nd of November. To book your child’s place please pick up a form from next to the parent board.

Staff on holiday for November:

The following teachers will be enjoying a summer holiday during November so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room:

Ms Joanna: 2-10 November

Ms Mensure: 1-10 November

Ms Yacine: 17-20 November

Ms Anka: 1-10 November

Ms Milda: 20-24November

Ms Maureen: 20-24 November

Ms Lehanie: 27Nov-8December

We welcome Ms Aruna to our baby room team. We hope that she will settle in and feel very welcome here.

Some parents might have already noticed that Ms Lehanie is supporting another branch, spending a few days a week there rather than at Dalston. From time to time we might ask Ms Marina to support the office.

Sainsbury Vouchers:

Our brand new toys are going to keep us very active this winter. We will take it with us on outings. A very big thnak you for supporting us with the collection to be able to receive these free toys.

Christmas reminder:

Zeeba will be closed from Monday the 25th of December until Monday the 1st of January 2018.

Dalston will operate as normal on Friday the 22nd of December until 6:30pm and re-open the second of January at 7:30am as normal.


Ms Paulina, Ms Maureen and the team!

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