In our own gardens or that of the many parks and woodlands in and around London, we can explore mini-beast big and small. Have you ever tried building your own bug hotel? This could be a great way to explore minibeasts in your garden. If you do not have a garden, you can explore the fantastic world of bugs at the Horniman museums and gardens. You could also relish big beasts in various parks around the UK.

Enjoy hiding from the Gruffalo or finding dinosaurs!

Additional languages explored at Zeeba:

Thank you to all parents whom participated in our Coffee Mornings. Many parents have mentioned the need for supplementary language activities. We have decided to choose a language per term. We can sing, count and play games created in a different language. This term we are introducing Spanish. Parent involvement is key. If any parents are available to read a book or come play in Spanish, do let us know.

Zeeba Menu:

Summer provides us with an opportunity to move away from the soups and more towards lighter meals. Our Menu is regulated by the Eat Better Start Better scheme for Hackney. We will introduce a few changes in May and make the Menu available to you for viewing. Should your dietary needs have changed or your child’s allergies has been re-assessed please do let us know.

Staff on holiday for May:

The following teachers will be on Holiday during May so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

Ms Marina: 1-3 May

Ms Zehra: 1-11 May

Ms Sevgi: 8-9 May

Ms Fatiha: 8-21 May

Ms Milda: 17-21 May

Ms Reshma: 31 May

Ms Maureen: 21-25 May

We sadly say farewell to Ms Kelly. She has been a great inspiration to the penguins and will be missed by all her parents, children and staff. We will also be saying goodbye to Ms Sumaira in the butterflies. We wish her well with her new adventures.

Buggies & Scooters:

With the weather improving and our Zeeba’s filled with even more energy, it might be well worth the effort to walk or scoot to Nursery. The front door is also our only Fire exit and we try to accommodate as many buggies as possible. We might have to move your buggy and or fold it to provide safer passage for the children. Kindly note that you are leaving your unlabeled buggy on the premises at your own risk. Zeeba does not take responsibility for your buggies or scooters.

Sunscreen, hats and water fountain permission:

We would like to take the children to the water fountain display in the square. Here they will get wet, cool down and run around barefoot on hot summer days only. The staff will be asking written permission for your child to participate.

We would like to congratulate Latino Bambino’s Ms Urska Gestrin-Mosquera. Her Company is Netmums Finalist for Best Party Entertainment in London!

Lastly, Zeeba will be closed for the bank holidays

(7th of May and 28th of May).


Ms Lehanie and the team!

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