Theme of the Month: Bugs and Crawly things

Since nature is blooming with new life, we will be trying to find all the wonderful mini-beasts living within. We will use binoculars and magnifying glasses to inspect all the crawly bugs up close. For those of us not to eager to explore the real thing, a wonderful display of bugs can be found in the penguin class.

Allotment Volunteers

A big thank you to our volunteer children and parents who came to help with the upkeep of the allotment. The soil is ready, the seeds are planted and we are eagerly awaiting our next visit to watch our seedlings grow.

Zeeba Garden

We are experimenting with a small garden space in front of the Nursery. Although this is proving a very enjoyable outdoor area for our children, the structure is only temporary. We are waiting for the Local Council to complete a consultation on it, providing Zeeba with their final approval.

Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the panda parents who attended the coffee morning, it was a great success. Your time and feedback are extremely valuable to us. The Bunny parents will be next to receive an invitation to their coffee morning. We hope you can attend.

Warmer Days in May

With spring in full swing we hope that you are enjoying more walks to the Nursery. We invite you to swap your child’s buggy for a scooter (where appropriate) and in doing so encourage them to be more active. You are welcome to store the scooters here at Zeeba.

Walking Challenge

We will be doing our walking challenge again where a child and staff member in each room will have a pedometer to track their daily steps and we will chart the steps to see who the winner will be. The staff in the room will have more information on this.

New Zeeba Staff Members

We welcome three new members of staff to our team. We trust that they will feel welcome and enjoy working with us:

Bunnies: Ms Alba (Nursery Practitioner)

Penguins: Ms Evelien (Nursery Practitioner)

Apprentice: Ms Mensure

Staff on Holiday in May

The following teachers will be on holiday during May so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

2-5 May: Ms Marie

2-5 May: Ms Joanna

8-10 May: Ms Suna

15-16 May: Ms Siobhan

22-26 May: Ms Maureen

22-26 May: Ms Shakara

30-2 June: Ms Marina

30-2 June: Ms Reshma

Zeeba will be closed on Monday the 1st and Monday the 29th of May. (Bank holidays)


Mrs. Lehanie and the team!

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