Theme of the Month: Alphabet Island

Identifying the letters if the alphabet can be a fun activity for children to learn while playing! An ABC Mat is super handy to have on hand when your child is learning the alphabet! Try an active ABC mat learning game to get them really involved! Homemade letter sponges for the bath are a fun learning addition to bath time! More ideas can be found at:

Sainsbury vouchers:

A big thank you to all our parents whom have been so kind as to bring their vouchers to Zeeba. We have received a little over a thousand tokens and will be exchanging them for new resources very soon. Should you still have a few vouchers lying around we will be happy to continue to receive them until the end of the month.

Zeeba Graduation:

As much as we will be overcome with sadness to see our Butterflies leave, we are excited to celebrate their achievements. We would like to see all parents of those children leaving for Primary school, join us for a joyous Graduation day. More details to follow via emails. We hope you can attend.

Stay and Play:

In honour of all our Dads this upcoming Father’s Day, we would like to arrange a stay and play on Friday the 16th of June. Mums and Dads are all welcome to join in with the Father’s day activities from 4:30 pm onward.

Walking Challenge Results:

Thank you to everyone that participated in the walking challenge! It was a huge success and the children had so much fun, not the mention the staff members that turned out to be very competitive! Thank you all for making it such a success!

Staff on holiday for June:

We welcome Ms Yamur to our cover staff team. We hope she will be very happy here.

The following teachers will be on Holiday during June so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

30th May- 2nd June: Ms Marina

30th May – 2nd June: Ms Reshma

30th May – 9 June: Ms Milda

8-9 June: Ms Motria

12-13 June: Ms Alba

12-14 June: Ms Suna

19-23rd June: Ms Ola

19-23rd June: Ms Fateha

23-27th June: Ms Agnes

26-28th June: Ms Shakara

A friendly reminder that learning lessons starts at 9:15 am and a lot of key focus activities are taking place in the morning. Please attempt to bring your children preferably before 10am.


Mrs. Lehanie and the team!

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