Theme of the Month: Superheroes

There is a Hero in all of us, however big or small. We celebrated our Daddy hero’s last month and this month we will be looking for more Superheroes, both real and fantasy. Being kind and helpful is Super and watching out for others are Heroic. Let’s honor our local Superheroes (doctors, police, fireman, nurses, etc.) and look at what makes our fantasy superheroes so great

Sainsbury vouchers:

We have had tremendous support from parents and staff through this scheme and we would like to thank you once again for all the vouchers. Just over 1200 vouchers were collected. Physical resources has been ordered and I’m sure the children will be very excited and eager to use it.


Summer is in full swing and we have started to use our swimming pools indoors. Can we kindly ask that you provide in date sunscreen or protective clothing for when children play outdoors. Please liaise with your key practitioner if you have not already done so.

Staff on Holiday in July:

We welcome Ms Duygu to our butterfly team. We hope she will be very happy here.

The following teachers will be on Holiday during July so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room:

Ms Paulina: 3-7 July

Ms Sumaira: 3-7 July

Ms Yordanka: 3- 17 July

Ms Yamur: 3-4 July

Ms Evelien: 12-13 July

Ms Daria: 17-21 July

Ms Milda: 17-18 July

Ms Emine: 17-4August

Ms Duygu: 20-11 August

Ms Edit: 24-27 July

Ms Siobhan: 24-26 July

Ms Maria: 27-31 July

Lock Down and Critical Incidents Policy:

In light of recent events around London with regards to terrorism and fire, we would like to share the above mentioned policies, together with our Fire Safety policy with you. They have all been reviewed to reflect most recent needs to keep us all safe. We hope that we will never have similar situations occur in our community but at the same time have to put strategies in place to keep us all safe. Please take the time to read through these policies that will be attached

Data Protection:

Can we kindly ask that Parents finish

their conversations and put their mobile phones away before entering the upstairs area of the Nursery. Our little ones stay protected in this manner. Should you want to have information, e.g. routine or planning, a member of staff can assist you to get information, e.g make a copy, or you can ask the office.


Mrs. Lehanie and the team!

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