We hope your New Year starts full of delight and determination for what’s to come. Welcome back to Zeeba!

A new year with new beginnings! We are currently revising our themes for the year and would love some suggestions from yourself. Coming back after a holiday break is hard for most children. The staff will be focusing on settling our little ones in for the first couple of weeks until themes for the year are finalized.

Zeeba donations:

A big thank you to everyone that donated to the Hackney Food bank. We are very thankful and those families benefiting from your generosity this Christmas, will be grateful for such kindness from their local community.

Staff on holiday during January:

The following teachers will be on holiday during January so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

Ms Josephine: 2-5 January

Ms Yordanka: 2-16 January

Ms Maria: 2-8 January

Ms Marina: 2-5 January

Ms Sumaira: 15-19 January

Ms Fateha: 24-26 January

Ms Nasima: 29-31 January

We welcome Mr. Shinoor to the Zeeba team. He will be working as Cover staff personnel for both Zeeba Dalston and our Chantrelle branch.

Little Musicians:

Its with great sadness that these wonderful music classes will come to an end. The teacher is taking on new challenges in her life and we wish her all the best with her exciting new adventures awaiting. We will be trialling some language classes towards the end of January to possibly fill this time slot.

Latino Bambino:

The new sessions of active dance and music will begin again on Friday the 12th of January. Latino Bambino™ is a dance, music and movement programme specialising in delivering engaging, stimulating and educational sessions for children under 5 years old. Sessions encourage physical activity, confidence and creativity through action songs, dancing games, fun exercises and the use of props.

9:30am - 10am (for under 2's)

10am - 10:40am (for ages 2-5)

The cost for a term is £84 (£7 per session).

To reserve your child's place please email Urska directly and make a payment to:

Account Number 90003689

Sort code 40-06-41

Payee: Urska Gestrin

State your CHILD's NAME followed by DALSTON as reference!! (Very important as there's sessions in other Zeeba nurseries too).

Payment can be made at a later date (due by 1st February 2018) however to reserve your child's place we need your confirmation by email before 12th January 2018.

TERMS: When enrolling parents are committing to paying a full-term fee regardless of any holidays planned, absences due to illness or similar. Pro-rata payments will be applied to new settlers only.


Please collect your child’s art work and spare clothing from the rooms.


Ms Paulina, Ms Maureen and the team!

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