We would like to welcome all our new families that have joined throughout April. We hope that you have settled in well and are enjoying Zeeba. We are still continuously settling children through May.

We would like to give a special welcome to our new team members. Ms Alina will join us from May in the Laughing Lions Room with Ms Nellie and her team. Ms Meltem is currently completing her studies and will support Ms Nellie part time until she joins our team formally from September in the Laughing Lions.

Ms Nelisha, Aneta and Agne will join Ms Becky and her team as from May. We hope you will all settle in well and have just as much fun as the children.

Muddy Puddle Walk

It is time to get the dust off the walking shoes, for our Muddy Walk on the 6th of May. All funds raised through the Muddy Puddle walk, is transferred towards SAVE THE CHILDREN fund. We will actively raise funds from 2nd May 2017.

Our Muddy Puddle Walk is a fun walk in which Zeeba participated since 2015. Each year we have a wonderful walk along the river and docking boats, which are a fun family walk and a real treat for the children. Please save the date as: 6 May 2017 @ 10am. We will share the finer details for Saturday 6th May during the first week of May.

Booking Extra Days

Additional spaces are more challenging to allocate at the moment. We are completely fully booked on most of our midweek days in some classrooms. Could parents please kindly book additional sessions at the latest by a Thursday morning for the week before? Mondays and Fridays are easier to allocate additional bookings for parents.

Holidays and Absences

Please be so kind to inform us via email or telephone on holidays and or absences. This way we will not give you a ring whilst being abroad, or intrude when a little one is not too well. If parents could confirm absences on sickness on the day by 10 am, we would be very grateful.

Please note the following holidays for our staff:

Ms Chantelle: 11-16 May

Ms Liesl: 17-22 & 25-29 May

Ms Tasmina: 15-22 May

Ms Charlotte W: 26 May- 2 June

Well Wishes

Well wishes to Ms Diane and Ms Paula whom are on a long sick leave. We wish both ladies a speedy recovery. Ms Wendy has stepped into the kitchen to support Ms Valerie.


1st May: May Day Bank Holiday (Zeeba is closed)

29th May: Spring Bank Holiday (Zeeba is closed)

Parents Evening

Please save the date as the week of 8 May 2017 for parents evening. We will closer towards the time be able to share more detailed information towards parents on this.

Enjoy a lovely calm month of May.

Warm wishes

Ms Liesl and her team

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