Welcome to all the new families that joined Zeeba children and parents. We trust you and your child will enjoy your time at Zeeba.

Dates to the diary:

16 March: Please dress your little one in green as we will be celebrating St Patrick’s day at Zeeba.

23 March: Under 2 coffee morning (for the Pandas, Bunnies and Frogs) from 10-11am in the Pear Tree Café. Please email Ms Taylor if you are interested to come at

29 March: Easter Stay and Play from 4-6pm- everyone is welcome to come and join in some Easter festivities!

Theme of the month: In the garden

We will be teaching the children about all the creepy crawlies that is out and about in the garden this time of year. It may be under a hiding under tree bark or under stoned or pebbles. But there are also animals in the trees, squirrels and robins are out and about hunting for worms!

A great book to support the theme is: My First Book of Garden Bugs

English as an additional Language:

To support our children whose home language is not English, we would like to include songs and rhymes in their mother tongue. Could you be so kind as to lend us a CD with your child’s favorites on? We will gladly learn to sing along in another language.

Zeeba donations:

We kindly ask for your support in donating some of your old phones and laptops that you are no longer make use off. It will be of great use to us.

Staff on holiday in March:

The following teachers will be on Holiday during March so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

Ms Laura: 26-29 March, 30 March- 2 April

Ms Nadje: 12 Feb- 2 March

Ms Nellie: 19 March

Ms Vicky: 13 March, 19-20 March, 21-23 March

Ms Aneta: 27-29 March

Ms Becca: 7 March

Ms Lehanie: 15-16 March


Reports will be ready for you to view by the beginning of March. Please keep an eye on the display boards by the entrance for further information about upcoming parents’ evenings. Meetings can be pre-booked. Each meeting lasts roughly 10minutes. You will have an opportunity to talk to your key person, discuss the report and possible next steps.

Our transition visits are going well and children have started to settle in to their new rooms. You will have an opportunity to talk to your new key person during parents meeting as well.

Leak in the nursery:

Thank you for your patience with the situation. Some maintenance has been taken place but it has not stopped the leak entirely. We are getting our solicitors involved now since it has been going on for a while. We hope that it will be resolved soon. Thank you again for your support, patience and understanding.


We are in the process of incorporating the Eat Better, Start Better program. It has been commissioned by the department for Education.

We will be trialing some new dishes for the menu and we will update our food and drink policy according too. We aim to have it completed by the end of March.


Ms Lehanie and the team

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