Theme of the month: Cities, Countries & Continents:

We are a diverse group of people at Zeeba Chantrelle and we do come from different parts of the world, but we do have mutual respect for each other’s believes and cultures. That is why we want to encourage you as parents to come and share your heritage or culture with us. If you are up for doing a craft activity or reading a story or teaching the children a song in a different language, please get in touch!

Dates for the diary:

16-20 April: Recycle week (see info below)

17 April: Cooking with my toddler classes see link for more info:

21 April: Queen’s Birthday

22 April Earth day

23 April St George’s Day

Recycle week:

During this week we challenge parents to collect recyclable materials and create an artwork with your little one. Please bring it to the nursery (please label it with your child’s name) by the latest on the 20th where it can be displayed. There will be a winner and runner up announced on the 23rd per class.

3-Year-old funding:

A reminder that the parents of 3-year-old children (the child has turned be 3 by 31 March 2018) can apply for 30-hour funding if you quality. Please see for more information.

Staff on holiday for April:

The following teachers will be on holiday during April so there may be staff from other rooms present in your child’s room.

Ms Laura; 30 March- 2 April

Ms Aneta: 9-10 April

Ms Nashelle: 16-20 April, 23rd April

Ms Rhianna: 18-20 April 23rd April

Ms Virginia: 30th April

Ms Charlotte: 12-13 April

Ms Aneta 3-6 April

Ms Ifat 3-5 April

Ms Taylor 3 April

Ms Becky 11 April

Zeeba will be closed on Friday the 30thth and Monday the 2nd of April. (Easter bank holiday)

Eat Better start Better:

A lot of hard work has gone into getting the program up and running. The program is more than just healthy eating. A big part is dental health and we would like to request that you replace your child’s toothbrush if you have not done so in the last two months. We are beginning to educate our little ones about dental health and you will hear more about this in the coming months. Please see our updated Food and Drink policy in line with this.

Sunny April (Let’s hope):

The weather is becoming slightly warmer and lots more spring showers can be expected. Can we kindly ask that children are dressed accordingly and provided with sunscreen and water bottles?


Ms Lehanie and the team

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